What is the Ignition Interlock Device and When is it Required?

Many of the clients who contact our office have had mentioned to them the idea of an ignition interlock device. Sometimes people just refer to it by an IID. What that means is that it is a mechanical device which is placed on the primary vehicle that you drive, and will not permit the vehicle to be started until the individual blows into the vehicle and there is no alcohol present in that breath.It is required if the blood-alcohol level for the driving under the influence offence was above a 0.15. Now the legal limit in Delaware is 0.08, so it’s almost double the amount of blood-alcohol, which was measured at the time of the arrest. Because it was so high, there is a requirement of the ignition interlock device.When it is put in, you have to pay for the, essentially, lease of that piece of equipment, and you have to have it, in effect, for at least 12 months.
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