How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce in New Jersey?

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Probably one of the number one questions I get asked more often than not from clients is, “How long is this process going to take? How long is it until my divorce is finalized?” Unfortunately, in New Jersey it can take up to a year. I usually explain that to clients by saying, “It takes a year to plan the wedding; it takes a year to end the marriage.” Essentially, it really also comes down to the negotiations between the parties. How good are they at working together with counsel to resolve the issue? A divorce can take a shorter period of time depending on the negotiations and the ability of each party to work together to resolve the matter. Generally you can expect that it will last up to a year. I suggest that you at least consult an attorney to discuss your matter to see if there’s any information that attorney can provide you to assist you in resolving that divorce.

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