What are the Penalties for a Third or Subsequent DUI Offense in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, the law is very strict on third or more DUIs. The minimum with which a person would be charged if he is found guilty or pleads guilty to a third DUI is a six-month jail time, a ten-year loss of license, and time in the intoxicated driver resource center, in addition to fines and penalties. Relative to the six months in jail, 90 days of that time can be done in an in-patient treatment program. It’s important if you want to avail yourself of that option that you have that in place before you go to court to plead to a third DUI.

What’s also important in terms of defending a third DUI, in addition to those defenses you may raise in a first or second offense, is that you may have options to apply for post-conviction relief on the first or the second DUI. There also maybe a step-down, depending on how much time has lapsed between the third DUI and the second DUI. It’s important that you go to a skilled attorney, or consult with a skilled attorney, who practices DUI on a regular basis so that you can really avail yourself of the full range of defenses in order to get the best possible result in your case.

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