What If My Spouse Does Not Consent To Divorce?

In the state of New Jersey, your spouse does not have to consent to your divorce.  Essentially, once you’ve filed a complaint and it is served on your spouse, that starts the ball rolling. Here, he or she does not have to agree to the divorce. They can in fact say they don’t want the divorce. However, that doesn’t stop the legal proceeding from continuing. It will still continue and that party will be invited to participate in the entire litigation process, and then it’s up to him or her to actually participate in the litigation.
You don’t have to get consent. Some people say, “Well, my spouse isn’t going to consent to it,” or, “My spouse is not for this divorce.” That’s okay. You’re still entitled to get a divorce and to move on with your life. If you have questions with regard to that matter, I suggest that you do consult with an attorney.

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