What happens to my house in divorce?

One of the questions that many people have when they begin the process of divorce is in regards to what will happen to their house. Of course, the idea of losing one’s house can be devastating, especially when the couple has children together. There are a lot of different possibilities about what can happen to a house in a divorce. Just like many other factors in a divorce differ from couple to couple, so does the situation with who gets the house.

In some cases, the couple may come into the divorce agreeing about what the future of the house will be. Some couples may agree that it is simply best to sell the house and split the profits. Others may agree that the parent who has more custody of the children should be able to keep the house in an effort to keep some sense of normalcy for the children.

There are, of course, going to be situations where the parties just cannot agree on what should happen to the house. In these cases, the house will be included as part of the equitable distribution process. The court will consider the house marital property, regardless of the title.

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