What guns can I own in New Jersey?

American citizens have the right to bear arms, meaning they can own a gun with the proper permits. They must go through legal means to obtain guns and carry a permit that goes along with the gun. Certain guns are banned like assault rifles. However, there are some exceptions to this depending on when you obtained possession of the gun. Other guns, such as long guns and handguns, can be legally owned. When someone wants to purchase a long gun, like a rifle or shotgun, they must possess a lifetime purchaser identification card. This is to identify them as the holder and register that they have this gun in their possession legally. This monitors the exact gun and the owner if they were to be involved in a criminal incident. Different guns may have different laws regarding them. There may be different permits to carry a specific gun. Handguns are legal for purchase in the state with a permit to purchase firearms. This is required to regulate the sale of guns. When individuals want to purchase a handgun, their permit to purchase is only valid for 90 days.

When individuals decide to purchase a gun, it must be purchased from a licensed dealer or a resident of the state to ensure it is trackable. Handgun transfers are held by the New Jersey State Firearms Investigation Unit with some exceptions. These exceptions include firearms willed to a transferee and those brought into the state by new residents.

What penalties can I face for violating gun laws?

By obtaining a gun illegally, you can face harsh penalties. Gun permits need to be monitored through the sale of guns. This is to ensure that guns do not wind up in the wrong hands, which can prove to be deadly. Guns should only be used by those with that permit for that specific gun. Do not trust other people with your gun. They do not have a permit for it. If you violate a gun law, it is known as an indictable offense, which is equal to a felony. There is a possibility of jail time if individuals are found to be guilty of violating these laws. There may also be fines that come along with the penalties.

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