New Jersey Education Law Attorneys

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Education law is a prevalent resource for teachers, parent, and students. Anti-union advocates and budget constraints are testing teachers’ rights every day. Teachers are fighting school boards over money for the classroom, hiring and wage freezes, and basic benefits that impact their ability to educate and make a decent living. Peers and faculty are testing the basic rights of students every day, sometimes off school grounds, and parents want to protect their children. Special needs students are not receiving services they need and are facing stubborn school boards trying to save money. Experienced NJ education law attorneys at Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C. are available to assist you through any education issues. Call us at our New Jersey Office for a consultation.

Special Needs

Parents of a special needs child often want to know what the legal requirements are to get their child qualified for services from a NJ public school, what services are available, and how to access them. Your child deserves the best education the school district can provide. By law, services are available to students who need a modification or a special service to achieve a superb education. More

Student Rights

Should a school be allowed to search lockers at random? Do students have the right to free speech? Is the school responsible for any bullying my child endures from other students? Sometimes parents and schools don’t agree on who should be held responsible on a gamut of issues. More

Teacher Rights

Education has changed dramatically in the past decade. Teachers from every state are starting to feel the squeeze of budgets and an aggressive stance towards unions and their jobs as a whole. Teachers were once considered the best and brightest our communities had to offer, celebrated as the ushers and mentors to a new generation. More